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  • Asyad Group Elevates Oman’s Position as a Leader in the Global Green Hydrogen Arena.
  • Asyad Ports CEO offers Strategic Insights and Visionary Leadership in Oman's Green Hydrogen Mission.
  • Asyad Group Spearheads Initiatives as the Main Sponsor of the GHSO Summit.
  • The Group Forges Collaborative Pathways through Strategic Partnerships.
  • Asyad Group Charts a Sustainable Future for Oman's Mobility Sector.


Asyad Group, Oman’s global integrated logistics provider, marked a successful conclusion to its participation in the 3rd Green Hydrogen Summit Oman (GHSO) 2023. This esteemed summit served as a critical juncture for the Group to accentuate its dedication to propelling Oman into the forefront as a premier hydrogen hub within the Gulf region.

Central to the summit was a high-level executive panel discussion, focusing on Oman’s forward-thinking Green Hydrogen mission. Dr. Ahmed Mohammed Al Abri, CEO of Asyad Ports, took the stage to impart invaluable insights on Oman’s commitment to nurturing and championing hydrogen-centric projects, and significantly bolstering Oman's stature in the international energy domain.

"Oman's ports, as vital gateways of innovation and progress, play a pivotal role in the nation's green hydrogen journey. They are not just points of transit but hubs of sustainable energy, propelling Oman forward as a leader in the green hydrogen revolution," stated Dr. Al Abri.

Emile Hoogsteden, the CEO of SOHAR Port, delivered an insightful presentation, providing a comprehensive overview of the global hydrogen sector.

Emile highlighted SOHAR’s roadmap to carbon neutrality and energy transition featuring SOHAR Tenant decarbonization plans, the renewable energy integration, and the usage of clean hydrogen for green manufacturing of steel, ammonia, methanol, and aluminium.

Demonstrating proactive leadership, Asyad Group, as the main sponsor of GHSO, was at the forefront of several key initiatives. These included orchestrating an influential exhibition booth and facilitating the BMW Roadshow from Dubai to Muscat, symbolizing the Group's dynamic role in the summit.

In its quest to solidify its commitment, Asyad Group entered into key Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs). The collaboration with BP delves into various co-operative ventures, encompassing the utilization of port yards and establishing Asyad as a vital hydrogen supplier. Another groundbreaking agreement with Hydrom is set to revolutionize logistics readiness within the green hydrogen sector.

The alliance with Hydrom is anticipated to amplify global freight operations, cultivate all-encompassing logistics solutions, and delineate protocols for transporting large-scale equipment pertinent to the green hydrogen industry.

"Our collaboration with Hydrom stands as a testament to Asyad's commitment to sustainable development. By enhancing global freight operations and developing comprehensive logistics solutions, particularly in the green hydrogen sector, we are aligning our efforts with Oman's Vision 2040, driving Oman towards a future of sustainable mobility and economic diversification," expressed Dr. Al Abri.

Asyad Group's strategic initiatives underscore its central role in steering Oman’s mobility sector towards a sustainable and environmentally conscious future. These efforts are in synergy with the Oman vision 2040 and resonate with global environmental objectives, positioning the Group as a vital catalyst in Oman's green hydrogen odyssey.

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