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Asyad Drydock’s ‘Port Repair and On Voyage Services’ (PROVS) business unit offers a wide array of on-site and on-voyage repair services to global shipping lines; it manages professional ship repair services while the vessel is at anchorage, in port, off port drifting and/or on voyage in the Persian Gulf, the Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean. It is fully equipped to handle any kind of repair work and has at its behest, an experienced team that can be deployed to bring the shipyard, literally, to the vessel, wherever needed.

As part of the on-voyage service, PROVS riding squads embark the vessel at the port of customer’s choice and re-embark after all works have been finished to the satisfaction of the customer/crew - wherever that port be, presuming all visa matters have been cleared in advance.

Asyad Drydock’s PROVS squads are adept at responding to customers’ requests with professional solutions – above and below water line repairs – ensuring reduction of a vessel’s downtime. The unit has extensive experience in planning, managing, and executing ship repairs in the ports of Sohar and Salalah, as well as all other officially declared berths and anchorage places along the coastline of the Sultanate of Oman.


* Ship Repair Services alongside, afloat and on voyage

* Distress and emergency repairs and refurbishment after collisions, groundings or fire

* Mobile/Flying Squads for Inspections and Repairs on Voyage or off port drifting the Oman coastline

* In water surveys and repairs with experienced and certified industrial diving team

* Steel repairs iwo hull, tanks engine room

* Pipe repairs and renewal

* Air condition services and repairs

* Main and auxiliary engine repairs and installation

* Propeller and rudder repairs

* Hull and Tank treatment

* Mechanical and Turbo Charger Repairs

* Pipe Repairs

* Repair of Electrical Instruments, Electric Motors/Generators

* Calibration of Pressure (0 to 2000 bar), Vacuum (-0.5 bar) and Temperature Gauges (0° to 600°C)

* Internal Cleaning of Accommodation/Deckhouse

* Cleaning of Contaminated Decks during Voyage

* Services on Life Saving Equipment e.g. Life Rafts, Breathing Apparatus and Fire Extinguisher

* Non Destructive Testing / Measurements

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