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Abdulrahman is the Group CEO of ASYAD, Oman’s flagship logistics and supply chain group, offering end-to-end solutions from ports, free zones, maritime shipping and last-mile express delivery. Abdulrahman is a logistics pioneer and a business-growth leader; building startups, establishing competitive businesses and advancing homegrown companies to become global brands. Al Hatmi was a key player in the development of Oman’s National Logistics Strategy 2040—now overseeing its implementation and spearheading the sector’s economic growth through his current role. He led the inception of ASYAD Group, consisting of 16 companies and spanning three major Ports with their associated Freezones, as well as Oman Shipping, Oman Post, Oman Dry Dock and Transport companies including Oman Rail, the latter was established by Al Hatmi to direct and manage the development of the GCC and national rail project in Oman. As a mechanical engineer, Al Hatmi’s worked in the oil and gas industry for 14 years, subsequently, he founded two successful start-ups, winning market share in a highly competitive business environment and delivering double-digit EBITDA growth.

Abdulrahman Salim Al Hatmi Group Chief Executive Officer

David is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales with over 20 years of experience in the power, water and infrastructure sectors. David graduated from Durham University in 1990 with a BA Hons degree in Accountancy and Economics. and qualified as a chartered accountant in 1993. He subsequently worked in a number of entities in the power and water sectors and took part in various business sales and acquisition processes before taking the role of Group CFO at an international water business with assets in South America, Africa and the UK.

David Michael Guy Group Chief Financial Officer

Nabil has a proven leadership & management skill. He worked as an Executive Director of Oman Logistics Center, where he led the implementation of the Sultanate of Oman Logistics Strategy (SOLS2040). Before that, he was the project manager at Oman Rail Company where he provided analytical guidance to the project team, as well as the formulation and administration of the process concerning various areas such as accounting, budgeting. He has also worked at Petroleum Development Oman as a contract manager, before being a project manager at the same company. Nabil is also member in the Board of directors of various companies.

Nabil Salim Al Bimani Group Chief Ports & Freezones

Al Khattab Al Maani Executive Director at Oman Logistics Center

John’s career in the Logistics industry spans almost 30 years. He has worked in a number of markets during this time including 14 years in GCC countries. He now leads the ASYAD Freight Cluster which consists of Oman Shipping, Oman Post (Board Chairman of both companies), Oman Drydock and Oman Rail. He is also responsible for developing ASYAD’s Integrated Logistics and Supply Chain Management capabilities. John is a Business graduate from Oxford Brookes University and has an MBA from Instituto de Empresa, Spain.

John Wylie Group Chief Freight Officer

Zahra is highly qualified in the Internal Audit field from reputed international Universities with an extensive experience in Banking, Shipping businesses and logistics. Before joining ASYAD, Zahra was leading the Internal Audit unit in Oman Shipping Company, she has also filled leadership positions within the internal audit department in Bank Muscat. Zahra is a goal oriented and a committed professional with international certifications of Masters in Audit Management and Consultancy from Birmingham City University (BCU), Certified Fraud Examiner from the Association of Certified Fraud examiners (ACFE), Certified Risk Management Assurance awarded from the Global Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) and a Harvard Business School alumnus in Management and Leadership. Zahra has earned her Bsc in Science from the university of Queensland, Australia.

Zahra Al Lawati Group Head Internal Audit