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  • Asyad Group was ranked fourth on Forbes Middle East’s Sustainability Leaders in Transport and Logistics list
  • Asyad’s ranking reflects the Group’s commitment to implementing cutting-edge technologies and practices across its BUs
  • Asyad’s portfolio comprises ambitious sustainability initiatives, partnerships and JVs
  • Decarbonization and sustainability at the core of Asyad’s business model

Asyad Group, Oman’s global integrated logistics provider, was ranked as the fourth most sustainable transport and logistics company in the region, according to Forbes Middle East’s Sustainability Leaders list. The prestigious ranking is a testament to the Group’s efforts to implement cutting-edge technologies and practices across its business units, contributing to shaping Oman’s sustainable future.

The Forbes Middle East’s Sustainability Leaders list recognizes the companies at the forefront of the Middle East’s momentous sustainable transformation and economic diversification away from its traditional dependence on fossil fuels. Categorized into 11 key sectors, the list considers a range of factors in its classification, from positive environmental impact in relation to company size, to the transparency of companies’ sustainability report, sustainability-related initiatives, cross-sector sustainability collaborations, and a clear roadmap towards net zero.

Since its inception in 2016, Asyad has developed a state-of-the-art integrated logistics ecosystem that has become a hallmark of efficiency and sustainable growth.  Driven by its unwavering commitment to Oman’s net zero emissions by 2050 pledge, the Group has prioritized sustainability in its business strategy and culture, enabling it to achieve a Gold Rating on the Oman Sustainability Index for two consecutive years.

Asyad Group has also become a leading example of sustainability-oriented organizations in Oman, developing a robust ESG framework in 2022 and placing it at the heart of its business transformation. The framework extends beyond decarbonization and focuses on four key areas, including environmental leadership, thriving workplace, community engagement, and solid governance and sustainable growth.

Asyad’s journey of rapid and sustainable growth resulted in its impressive ranking on Forbes Middle East’s 10 Biggest Logistics Companies in MENA, coming in at fourth, showcasing the world-class capabilities of Asyad’s integrated logistics ecosystem. Alongside its diverse logistics functions and integrated solutions, Asyad implements major sustainability initiatives which span the spectrum of the Group’s business units, partnerships and joint ventures.

Through its shipping arm, Asyad Shipping, the Group became the MENA’s first company to secure a sustainability-linked shipping deal worth USD 35 million, creating a structure that tracks performance targets in relation to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) and the Energy Efficiency Operating Index (EEOI).

Furthermore, Asyad has partnered with the Omani government and academic and private sectors to develop its groundbreaking hydrogen report exploring the green hydrogen outlook in the Sultanate. The report highlights the Group’s steadfast efforts to lay the groundwork for the nascent hydrogen industry by hosting major international green hydrogen and ammonia joint ventures, such as SalalaH2, in its Salalah Freezone.

Asyad Group further displayed its unwavering commitment to green mobility and decarbonization by taking center stage at elite local, regional and global sustainability-related discussions, conferences and events, as well as joining the United Nations Global Impact pact.

Asyad’s ranking on Forbes Middle East’s Sustainability Leaders list highlights the Group’s position at the forefront of shaping Oman’s sustainable future and goes to show the remarkable achievements throughout its journey of cementing Oman’s standing as a global hub for integrated logistics and sustainable investment.

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