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  • Oman was ranked first among member countries of the UPU for outstanding international EMS performance in 2022.
  • Oman Post’s world-class offerings, powered by Asyad Group’s integrated logistics ecosystem, serves customers in over 190 countries and territories worldwide.
  • Oman’s ranking is a testament to the remarkable transformation and growth experienced by Oman Post.


 Oman Post, part of Asyad Group, has secured Oman the top spot among the 190 member countries of the Universal Postal Union (UPU) through its exceptional Express Mail Service (EMS) performance in 2022.


Oman’s top ranking comes as a testament to the incredible growth that Oman’s designated postal operator, Oman Post, has witnessed over the past few years. Oman Post’s express mail delivery service is a last-mile express postal service that complies with international best standards and allows the external transfer of mail and parcels within 3 to 10 days.


The EMS ranking assesses countries based on their performance on 16 key performance indicators (KPIs), including on-time delivery, on-time transport, on-time export, data accuracy, regulation compliance, time spent in customs, and accurate delivery information. The Sultanate’s standing on the EMS ranking rose by an extraordinary 74 positions in a span of two years, from 75th in 2020 to the first globally in 2022. Oman’s remarkable achievement reflects the quantum leap it made in its postal offerings, moving from traditional services to competitive state-of-the-art solutions while keeping up with global developments and catering to a variety of diversified and tailored demands.


Oman Post’s EMS offering includes priority mail delivery for documents and merchandise, with the option to send and receive packages from post offices or customer premises, to provide optimized customer experience and maximum convenience. Oman Post, supported by the largest last-mile coverage network worldwide, currently serves customers in over 190 countries and territories worldwide, ensuring reliable, secure and efficient delivery.


Underlining Oman’s remarkable ranking and superior global EMS performance, Ahmed bin Ali Al Balushi, Chief Asset Management Officer at Asyad Group, said “Oman’s milestone ranking in EMS reflects Asyad Group’s commitment to its development strategy and highlights our growing global and regional role. Oman’s logistics sector as a whole, and Asyad Group in particular, is immensely proud of Oman Post’s success story. We are also proud of the national cadres at Oman Post, whose tireless efforts continue to create new frontiers for postal service in Oman and deliver outstanding results rewarded by achievements such as this one. We are committed, at Asyad Group, to continue cementing the Sultanate’s position as a global logistics hub and an ideal investment destination.”


Sheikh Ibrahim bin Sultan Al Hosni, Acting CEO of Oman Post & Asyad Express, highlighted Oman Post’s substantial transformation, saying, “Oman Post has experienced significant growth in recent years, improving both operational efficiency and customer service. Our last-mile EMS was rolled out last year, providing doorstep service to our customers, and it is a big milestone in our journey of institutional transformation to rise to the top of the global ranking in such a short time.”


From his side, Sayyid Nasr bin Badr Albusaidi, Vice President for Mail, Retail and Customer Experience at Oman Post & Asyad Express, reiterated Oman Post’s commitment to customer satisfaction: “Supported by Asyad Group’s world-class integrated logistics ecosystem, we have been incredibly successful in providing our customers with expedited delivery times and high-end care, earning us the top spot in EMS ranking. I would like to express my sincere appreciation to our operations team, whose unwavering commitment and dedication to providing excellent service have been instrumental to achieve this top ranking. Oman Post will continue to improve its offering to maintain Oman’s outstanding EMS performance ranking.”


Oman Post is committed to providing its customers with reliable and efficient services, that adhere to the highest international standards, while offering comprehensive global connectivity supported by Asyad Group’s integrated logistics ecosystem to keep Oman at the top of international rankings and cement its position as a global logistics hub.

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