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  • The first-of-its-kind partnership in Oman underpins Asyad Group's progressive mindset and readiness to keep abreast of the global data revolution to offer its customers a seamless experience
  • Asyad Group's engagement with national technology startups is a significant step in its path to leverage big data to boost the efficiency of its operations and keep up with global logistics industry trends.
  • With a contract of OMR 1.3 million, Asyad underlines its plans to support and promote the growth and expansion of Omani Startups
  • Build the national talents in one of the leading sectors of the future


 Asyad Group launched Data Lake as its latest digital ecosystem project that falls within its strategy to equip Asyad with empirical insights on current and future operational, markets and customer trends. On this project, Asyad Group partnered with Rihal, an Omani data and migration services company, to develop its big-data management and analytics capabilities, support cloud-based applications and utilize Oman’s new in-country cloud infrastructure, accelerating the deployment of cutting-edge technologies.

Big data analytics and forward-looking business intelligence are the key enablers of Asyad’s group technological strategy aimed at achieving growth and global competitiveness. The solutions—developed in partnership with Rihal— will serve the present and forecast the future. The proactive features will deliver an ideal customer experience, provide competitive services to acquire global customers and predict future market trends to support Asyad’s strategy and growth.  



The analytics of the amassed data from across the Group’s operations and assets will serve as critical tool to optimize operational efficiencies, this include, for example, preventive maintenance that minimizes breakdowns and downtime of ships and maritime assets, reduces fuel consumption and emissions from shipping. This helps Asyad Group's operational performance and quality improve, its profitability increase, and its business develop.


Commenting on the landmark project and partnership, Eng. Ghaith Al Darmaki, Asyad Group’s Chief Technology Officer said: “This endeavor is the first-of-its-kind undertaken by a government-owned entity in Oman. The purpose of this project is not to serve today's objectives only, but to also accurately depict the future of Asyad and the logistics sector. Through this project, we aim to use the extensive amounts of data and statistics amassed by our business units and process them in Data Lake’s advanced digital ecosystem. Data Lake will equip Asyad with the latest storage and processing tools as well as the relevant algorithm architecture capabilities to streamline operational processes, delivering on Asyad’s brand promise of quality and reliability. Processing of advanced data which is the strongest currency in today's world economies will also bolster our forecasting abilities to better position ourselves for potential challenges, disruptions and opportunities in global logistics.”

“Our 1.3 M Omani Rials partnership with Rihal, an Omani startup owned by ITHCA and other private entities, comes in line with our Group’s strategy to increase our in-country-value contribution and support domestic research, development and innovation in digital technologies that serve Oman’s logistics sector,” added Al Darmaki. “This contract is a embodiment of our commitment to private sector engagement and to promoting the role of national startups and SMEs in line with Asyad's approach to offer state-of-the-art solutions and technologies that help develop the logistics ecosystem in Oman.”

Al Darmaki also emphasizes that this milestone comes in line with Asyad’s efforts to support local talents and boost their capabilities in one of the leading sectors in the future.

The CEO of Rihal, Eng. Azzan Qais Al Kindi, explained the impact of this project: “Partnering with Asyad Group, the leading Omani integrated logistics provider, is a monumental landmark in Rihal’s journey in the technology business. It will enable us to expand our service reach and offer advanced technological solutions to the transport and logistics sectors. It also presents a golden opportunity to exchange niche expertise with a global player to advance the competitiveness of the logistics sector and cast a wider net in regional and international markets through Asyad’s client network.”

Building on existing national capacities and investments, the Data Lake is a promising collaboration between Asyad Group and Rihal that will utilize Oman’s investment in digital and cloud infrastructure and unlock new horizons for a technology drive led by the private sector in the Sultanate. These joint efforts will pave the way for enterprises in Oman to take their innovative smart products to global markets and optimize the use of big data in the world of transport and logistics.

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