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ASYAD is the most comprehensive end-to-end logistics provider in the Middle East,  covering ports, free zones and multimodal transportation.

Oman Global Logistics Group “ASYAD’ was established in 2016 to maximize the economic and financial returns from the Government investments in ports, freezones, land and sea transport and logistic services companies and to implement National Logistics Strategy as mandated by the Omani Government.

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The Sultanate of Oman Logistics Strategy 2040, known as SOLS 2040, is the program developed by the OLC team of experts. It outlines a strategy that embraces the contribution of logistics to Omani GDP growth, the market share of goods that flow into the region, related employment growth, employment opportunities and job-creation, the position of Oman on various logistics and industrial indices, and the global perception of Oman in relation to logistics.

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ASYAD concludes successful participation at Sea Asia 2019 in Singapore

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ASYAD Concludes the Commercial Program “HISBA”

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اسياد في 2018: نمو متواصل وإنجازات ترتقي بالقطاع اللوجيستي

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