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Salalah Port

About Salalah Port

Salalah Port Authority and offices
Salalah Port Services Co. (S.A.O.G)
P.O. Box 369
Postal Code 211
Sultanate of Oman
Telex 7640 PORT SLL ON
View on the map +968 2322 0000 +968 2321 9520

Established by the Salalah Port Company in 1998, and with an infrastructure investment of approximately US$800 million, Salalah Port is ranked among the world's largest transshipment ports. The port maintains world-class terminal capabilities for liquid bulk and mineral bulk handling, and with its six container berths and 18-metre deep channels, it can accommodate the world's largest container ships. With container traffic at the port having increased seven-fold between 1999 and 2013, the port is capable of handling over 5 million TEUs per year. In addition, our state-of-the art wave-dampening system reduces wave motion to expedite high-speed container unloading.

Salalah Port is partly owned and managed by one of the world’s largest container terminal operators, APM Terminals, together with the Salalah Port Company.

Value and opportunity
Our suite of opportunities at Salalah Port creates an unmatched value proposition in the region. Most importantly, our strategic location, with almost zero deviation from the major trade lanes of Asia-Europe, ISC-Europe and Middle East-Europe, enables transit times for our customers that are better than other competing ports in the Gulf or Indian Ocean. Our proximity to these major trade lanes and the rapid growth in markets of East Africa and India together serve as a source of significant leverage for companies seeking to take advantage of both markets from one efficient and secure location.

World-class infrastructure
These benefits are supplemented by our world-class infrastructure. At Salalah we can serve any size or type of vessel,from container and cargo to crude carriers or even cruise ships. Moreover, the adjacent Freezone provides a base from which companies can grow exponentially through its incentives program and the US-Oman Free Trade Agreement (FTA).

Eight reasons to work with us

  • Our location enables us to provide hard savings through minimum deviation time on the main east-west shipping lane.

  • Our service quality provides access to state-of-the-art equipment and a professional workforce that deliver high productivity.

  • We offer efficient access to the expanding key regional markets as well as those of Asia and Europe, with our location ensuring minimum deviation to the Indian Subcontinent, East Africa, Red Sea/Levant and the Arabian Gulf.

  • We facilitate outstanding connectivity to meet the long-term needs of both customers and shipping lines, with over 3,000 vessel calls to over 52 port destinations annually.

  • The Omani-US Free-Trade Agreement(FTA) allows for tax exemption on goods with 35% value-add in Oman, along with straightforward customs procedures and competitive tariffs at our US government-approved Secure Freight Initiative Charter port.

  • Our offering is significantly augmented by our adjacent Freezone, where among other benefits, land is available at the lowest rate in the region.

  • As an inter-modal hub, we are situated within a short distance of sea, land and air connections.

  • Assured safety. We are a world-class port operating within a stable political and economic climate.


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