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Market development is a key pillar of OLC strategy. Our aim is to formulate a market development plan at a national level and manage its implementation to achieve the SOLS 2040 goals and targets.

Our objectives
Our objectives are to provide market intelligence by publishing a sector tracker conjointly with the National Center for Statistics and Information (NCSI), disseminating industry reports and preparing benchmarks. We are also engaged in conducting competitive profiles and tracking and publishing industry trends.

In line with SOLS 2040, we define segmentation and targeting at ASYAD by identifying and profiling priority sectors for potential development as well as potential opportunities in each sector. We also identify and target country and country-cluster geographies, and link those geographies to opportunities.

Opportunities Database
In order to accomplish this efficiently and productively, we maintain a sector- and geography-based Opportunities Database, as well as tailoring programs for anchoring international business.

Value proposition
We are committed also to ensuring competitiveness by efficiently managing the development of Oman's logistics value proposition which defines clear offerings, services and prices, while developing and optimizing trade corridors.

Oman brand
We are also continuously proactive in promoting an Oman global brand by taking the lead in driving awareness of the Sultanate as a premier global logistics hub. To achieve this, we develop partnerships and communication plans with key stakeholders. As a result, we have established an industry-wide Growth Task Force, while broadening our membership in regional and global industry associations and promoting Free Trade Agreement advocacy.