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ASYAD and Oman LNG enter a strategic partnership in Human Resources

Muscat:  ASYAD, the end-to-end logistics solutions provider in the Middle East, and Oman LNG entered a strategic partnership to share knowledge and experience in Human Resources. The agreement includes training and development programs, cross posting opportunities, leading change initiatives and Human Resources systems.

The MoU was signed by Badar Mohammed AlNadabi, Group Chief Corporate Support Officer at ASYAD, and Sheikh Khalid bin Abdullah Al Massan, Chief Executive Officer, Oman LNG Development Foundation at the ASYAD headquarter. The inked agreement reflects both companies’ long-standing efforts in developing human capital and provides a platform to share knowledge and exchange expertise of best practices applied.

Accentuating that the partnership will boost cooperation between the two sides, Badar AlNadabi said, “We aim through this partnership to empower our employee to strengthen the performance of the logistics sector and deliver on our strategic ambitions. This partnership marks a key step for exchanging experiences and best practices between the two organizations across different business facets.”

Sheikh Khalid Al Massan commented, “The strategic partnership demonstrates Oman LNG’s ambitious vision and dedication towards staff development. Staff development tops Oman LNG’s priorities ensuring a positive and nurturing work environment that meets employees’ aspirations and encourages creativity and innovation. Equally important, we aim through our second-to-none corporate social responsibility programme to enhance capacity building across the country, where we aim to train and develop many Omani youth in sought-after skills”.


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