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Suhar Hackathon Comes to a Successful Conclusion

Muscat: 100 participants in 20 teams capped their journey with Suhar Hackathon in last night’s closing ceremony under the patronage of His Excellency Dr. Ahmed bin Salim Al Futaisi, Minister of Transport and Communications at the International Maritime College Oman.

Organized by ASYAD- the end-to-end comprehensive logistics solutions provider and Smart City Platform- a strategic program in The Research Council, Suhar Hackathon looked at providing solutions for the city in the three sectors: logistics, tourism and environment with ideas that included 3D printing, tube transport, cloud logistics, business intelligence, blockchain, big data, self-driving vehicles, robotics and automation.  

Suhar Hackathon the three-day program introduced participants to the business community in Suhar, where they presented their ideas to a panel of judges comprising of Badar Al Nadabi, Group Chief Corporate Support Officer at ASYAD, Dr. Ali Al Shaithani, Director of Research Centers at The Research Council, Dr. Mahab Al Hinai, Director of Environment Center of Excellence at Be’ah, Dr. Hamed Al Mahrazi, Tourism and Hassan Al Ajmi, Technologies Advisor. Scores were based on creativity, teamwork, presentation delivery, potential for investment, sustainability and time management.

IOT Logistics Solutions were crowned winners received 2,000 OMR for their project on Logistics, second place Quartz with prize of 1,500 OMR with solution to Logistics and third place Digital Arch with prize of 1,000 OMR for their idea on Logistics.

Al Kattab Al Maani, Executive Director of Oman Logistics Center at ASYAD, said “Suhar plays an important role in the Sultanate’s economic diversification and Suhar Hackathon introduced participants to the business opportunities in the city and I was impressed with the solutions that were presented in 72 hours. We are excited to see these innovators build on what they started here.”

Commenting on the role of the Suhar Hackathon in motivating young talent, Hassan Al Ajmi, Technical Consultant, said, "One of the key objectives of Suhar Hackathon6 is to provide an ideal supportive and incubating environment for innovators as well as encourage young talent by providing financial support and consulting, and integrated services that will enhance this vital sector."


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