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Oman Logistics Center Leads Digital Transformation

Oman Logistics Center is leading the digital transformation of the logistics sector in the Sultanate through implementing innovative and smart solutions while adopting best international practice.

OLC’s success in 2019 has continued into 2020 with expanded services and additional support made available through an online web portal and mobile app.

Only last month, OLC formally announced The MEA HUB which provides a full spectrum of logistics innovative services as well as technical support and expertise in the logistics sector.

Tech Try facilitiates the piloting and adoption of emerging logistics technologies. This programme was recently responsible for the testing of underwater and aeriel drones at the Port of Sultan Qaboos (PSQ) and the Port of Sohar. Tech Try recently conducted trials of drone delivery for cargo in Muscat and Nizwa, and tested drones in warehouse operations.

Tech Scan analyzes feedback from logistics providers and service users generating comprehensive industry insights. This scanning element also identifies global emerging trends and technology developments ripe for adoption.

Tech Clinic provides zero-cost advisory service to enterprenures, SMEs, startups and individuals, leveraging the experience and knowledge of the Hub’s panel of experts, currently supporting over 36 Omani entrepreneurs and SMEs.

Tech Try, Tech Scan and Tech Clinic services are all accessible through The MEA Hub. The digital transformation underway will not only enhance trade facilitation, but grow the Omani logistics sector’s contribution to GDP.

Commenting on the announcement, Ali Al Shidhani, ASYAD Group VP of Technology said that:

“In Oman we firmly believe that the comprehensive identification, piloting and early adoption of emerging logistics technologies will continue to provide the Sultanate’s logistics sector with a competitive advantage. ASYAD Group is always looking for ways to generate greater industry efficiencies, and technology solutions are always at the forefront of our thinking.”


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