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Fisheries and Agro


Asyad Group is a key part of the 92 integrated agriculture and fisheries schemes in Oman, accelerating the fast growth of one of the country’s most prosperous and high-potential investment sectors.
A new cold store facility at Muscat airport, developed in partnership with Singapore, is helping grow export demand – with lucrative European and Asian markets no more than a 7 hour flight away.


Supported by the Government of Oman, Asyad Group is key part of around 160 private-sector agricultural, livestock and other agro projects - worth an estimated USD$2 billion - are underway to realise the country’s potential as a thriving regional agriculture hub.


Enhancing the direct import of food, Asyad Group provides traders with 100 reefers equipped with temperature control systems between 2 to 20°C and frozen storage system at temperatures up to -20°C.

Sohar Port Concludes Wheat and Grain Shipments Handling Agreement to Facilitate Direct Importation to the Sultanate from Countries of Origin

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ASYAD cooperates with Indian Agro-food authorities to provide fruits, vegetables to local market and redistribute to GCC and MENA region

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A country on the cusp of becoming a world leader in fisheries

Today, Oman’s fisheries industry has undergone a technological renaissance.

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